Workshop 'Multitasking is a myth':

A very successful concept from Wouter Hesseling.

During this workshop (45-90 minutes) or keynote (20-60 minutes) the myth of multitasking is revealed.

Research has shown that multitasking does not exist. What we have thought of as multitasking is in fact switching from task to task, we call this switchtasking.



Corporate training ‘multitasking is a myth’ (45-90  minutes):


  • PowerPoint introduction

  • Spinningplate-act

  • Hands-on training

  • Evaluation

  • Interactive final-act



During this training the group learns the difference between  multitasking, switchtasking and monotasking and  how it effects them.
The benifits for the  participants are:


  • A more structured way of working, at work and in private life.

  • Better choice in the way to approach tasks.

  • A more balanced mindset.


This new approach will lead to:


  • Higher efficienty

  • More productivity

  • Maximum customer orientation



In every organization this can lead to cost reduction.


More details about switchtasking you find here.

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'Multitasking is a myth'

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Workshop 'Multitasking is a myth': with humor and style Wouter Hesseling explains the price we pay for switchtasking*. Within minutes even the most sceptic observer is wanting to hear more.


The program begins with a few interactive experiences, followed by a short and powerful show featuring more than 10 spinning plates.


After this the participants get to experience the same principals first hand.

While balancing fragile plates on metal pins, they need to divert their attention to flip multiple spoons in cups.

This makes them aware of what switchtasking does to them, a skill they can use in their professional and private lives.


*The price you pay for switchtasking:


40% less productivity.

3 – 4 times more mistakes.

Wasted time.

Higher stress levels.

Half the attention for your relationships (at work and at home).

Wasted energy.

Blocks creativity and innovation.


Ideally we strive for monotasking, (completion one task before moving on to the next one) but this world expects all of us to pile multiple tasks on our plates.

Through this training and evaluation the participant leaves with tips so that when they are required to use switchtasking they can do this as efficiently as  possible.

It is a joy to see what this releases in a group. Everyone wants to use what they have learned immediately.


Issues being discussed:



Mindful switchtasking

Serial monotasking

focus/ awareness
Work life balance

Peak performance

Work memory

Reflex brain

Contemplating brain

Archival brain


Time management